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After Sun And Sunburn

After Sun and Sunburn

With a large hole in the ozone layer over New Zealand, sun protection is more important than ever. But if you find yourself suffering from lobster red skin then it is time to reach for an after sun product to soothe and cool your red inflamed skin.

What is sunburn?
Sunburn happens when the skin is damaged through overexposure to the sun's harmful UV-rays. Sunburn has now been linked as one of the causes of getting skin cancer but symptoms may not manifest until in the later years of adulthood. Sunburn can also be directly linked to premature ageing and skin damage.

When do you say that you have sunburn?
  • Depending on the severity of sunburn, the following symptoms can be experienced:
  • Redness or pinkness of the skin.
  • Pain or swelling on parts that have been sunburnt.
  • Skin feels warm or hot when you touch.
  • Blisters may also appear in severe cases.
  • And if sunburn covers a large area of the body, you may also experience headache, fever and fatigue.
How do you sunburn?
Relieving the aftermath of sunburn can be done by:
  • Rehydrate by drinking lots of water and other kinds of fluid,  this will help replenish lost fluids through sweating.
  • You also need to do the help rehydrate the skin.
  • Cool yourself down by taking a cool shower or patting on cold water
  • It will also help to use soothing lotion that contains aloe vera.
You can also try using other after sun creams or lotions that help hasten the healing process.

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Page updated 20/10/19 3:27:47 am
Page updated 20/10/19 3:27:47 am