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Allergy Eye Products

Allergy Eye Products

Do you often experience itchy, red eyes during the spring when plants are producing excessive pollens? You may be experiencing from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. Find you have eye allergies all year round? This is called perennial allergic conjunctivitis. Whatever the cause or season buy allergy eye drops online and get to the route of red itchy allergic eyes and hay fever.

What are the common symptoms of eye allergy?
  • Red or inflamed eyes
  • Swollen eyes
  • Excessive tearing or mucus production
  • Itching that forces you to scratch
What are the common causes?
  1. Eye allergy is mostly affected by airborne allergens that include pollens, molds, dust and pet dander.
  2. It can also be a reaction to other irritants such cosmetics or perfumes, cigarette smoke, diesel fumes and strong scented perfumes.
What are the general ment options?
There are three basic approaches in dealing with eye allergies:
  • The first is avoidance.
    • Try to limit your exposure to allergens. This may be easy to do for outdoor irritants like pollens and dust. All you need is monitor pollen count forecast and stay indoors when the count is the highest. However, if your allergen is something indoor, it may be more challenging.
  • Second ment option is taking oral antihistamines, using decongestant or antihistamine eye drops.
See your allergy eye options below.

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Page updated 20/02/19 4:03:15 a.m.