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Athlete's foot, ringworm, jock's itch and yeast infection are all common fungal infections that people are likely experience in their lifetime, in fact fungal infections are about as common as cold or flu, but often not talked about due to their sensitive nature. It is important to fungal infection symptoms early, to prevent them spreading to other parts of the body, or other people.

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What is fungus?
Fungus is a primitive vegetable mushroom, mold and mildew. These organisms live in air, soil, plants and water and even thrive in the human body. Not all types of fungi are harmful; however, there are certain types that multiply and invade their habitat.

How does a fungal infection develop?
Since these organisms naturally thrive in the human body as well the environment, the most common source of developing an infection is by being contacted by someone who is already infected. You may have either touched an infected person, soil or animal. It is also possible that you have breathed in an infected air.

What are the most common ments of fungal infections?
For skin fungal infections, these are easily ed by anti-fungals that either come in cream, pessaries or ointment forms. For yeast infection like thrush or candidiasis, an oral antifungal tablet can be used to kill the fungi inside the system. A combination of tablet, cream, pessaries or ointments can also be used.

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