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Athletes Foot and Tinea Treatment

Atlete's Foot ments

Athlete's foot is a very common skin condition that almost everyone may experience at least once in their lifetime. It's symptoms can range from mild to severe and the causes are also as varied.

What is athlete's foot and what are its common signs?
Athlete's foot usually appear on the sole of the foot and the skin in between the toes. The most common signs of athlete's foot are: red, itchy scaly patches. Sometimes it may include foul stinky smell that may come from weeping and oozing liquid coming from the infected area.  

What causes athlete's foot?
Fungal infection is the most common reason why people get athlete's foot. And nonathletes are as prone to getting it as much as athletes. It can be contracted by wearing socks and shoes of a person already infected. It can also be gathered from warm, moist environments, where fungus usually thrives and multiply. e.g. walking barefoot at public pool or using a public shower.

How do you prevent athlete's foot?
  1. It may help to do some precautionary measures in order to prevent getting athlete's foot.
  2. Make sure to wear slippers or sandals whenever you need to use public locker rooms or swimming areas.
  3. Do not share personal belongings such as shoes, slippers and towels, especially of a person with athlete's foot.
  4. Dry your toes and feet after swimming or bathing.
  5. Choose sandals and shoes that will allow your feet to breathe.
  6. When you are in a hotel or even just at home, wear socks without shoes whenever walking around.
  7. Opt to wear cotton socks so it can absorb sweat.
  8. Use talc or antifungal powder on your feet.
  9. Make sure to let your shoes, especially closed shoes, to air dry at least 24 hours before wearing them again.
What are the common ments for athlete's foot?
  • The most common and the first defense against athlete's foot is a topical anti-fungal medication.
    • It is important that you always follow instructions to insure all of the fungal spores are destroyed, so they do not spawn and reinfect.  
  • You should also hot wash any towels, socks and sheets to prevent re-infection.
  • Anti Fungal laundry liquids and shoe sprays can also help ensure all fungal spores are destroyed.
For fungal nails anti fungal paints can be painted on the nail to help purge the infection.

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