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Blood Pressure Monitors

Buy Blood Pressure Monitors Online and get a 2 year warranty.

Blood pressure can be a serious business, so when it comes to a home blood pressure monitor you want to know you have an easy to use device that takes accurate results fast.

We stock Omron blood pressure monitors because they go the distance. Because they are a health monitor and are made under strict quality control standards we never seem to have anybody return an omron products, and if we do, there 2 year warranty means its easy to replace or refund the customer.

Why Choose Omron?
#1 Doctor recommended brand of home blood pressure monitors
Risk free - 2 year manufacturers warranty
Quality blood pressure monitors that just keep on going.
Intellisense technology for comfort during inflation, reading and deflation

What type of blood pressure monitors do you sell?

Manual Blood Pressure monitors - Use the squeezable bulb to manually inflate
Automatic blood pressure monitors - utilize intellisense technology to inflat and deflate at a steady rate for comfort.
Arm cuff blood pressure monitors - Attach to the upper arm using a fabric cuff
Wrist cuff blood pressure monitors - Attach to the wrist using a fabric cuff (see the video for more on how these work)
Blood Pressure Cuffs - we also stock a variety of sizes of omron cuffs, incase the medium that comes with the device does not fit.
Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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Page updated 29/01/19 4:16:07 a.m.