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Childrens Sunscreen

Children Sunscreen

When it comes to the summer months we need to think about our childrens skin. During the warming months our kids tend to stay outdoors longer, and unlike adults who are more conscious about applying sunscreen, our children's can sometimes forget about the power of the sun.

How fast can a child be get sunburned?
A child may get affected by sunburn as fast as 15 minutes but the effects cannot be seen until after a few hours. And this greatly depends on the time of exposure because time is related to intensity. Children who often get sunburned are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer later on in their lives.

Who are at a higher risk of the dangers of sunburn?
  • Children who have very fair skin or light hair.
  • Those who have many moles and freckles.
  • Those who have family history of skin cancer.
  • Those who stay out in the sun during peak burn times
What are the signs and symptoms of sunburn in children?
Mild sunburn can result to: skin redness, warmth, itchiness and pain.
Severe cases of sunburn can result to: same symptoms as above but with the addition of swelling, headache, nausea and dizziness, fever and chills.

How to prevent your children from getting sunburn?
  1. It is best to avoid sun exposure between 11am to 3pm when the sun's UV rays are the strongest. However, if the children must be under the sun during these times, make sure to apply and re-apply a sunscreen product on all exposed areas, even if they are only playing at the backyard.
  2. Note that most sunburn occurs during day-to-day activities such as playing outdoors more than sun exposure at the beach.  And even during cloudy days, it doesn't mean that if the sun is hiding it cannot harm your children. Studies have shown that overcast sun can likewise be harmful so make sure to apply sunscreen on your kids even during these days.
  3. It will also be good to bring along wide umbrella or pop-up tent in the beach to provide protection to your children while they are playing. Get them to use sun shades with UV protection as well.
What are the standards of choosing the best sunscreen?
  1. Choose a child-specific brand. It is always best to buy a separate sunscreen for children because these are specially made with them in mind.
  2. Choose an SFP 30 to 50+. It should specify that it provides broad spectrum protection.
  3. It must be water-resistant so even if they go to the water and swim or sweat, it will not be taken off.
  4. It should be hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Remember that children have more sensitive skin and senses so it will be more helpful to choose these types of sunscreen protection to avoid reactions.

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