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Coldsore Treatment

Cold Sore ment

Feel a tingling, itchy and sometimes painful sensation on your lips or mouth? You may be experiencing cold sores.  Cold sores occur when you have a weakened immune system because it is a viral infection caused by the virus herpes simplex.

What is cold sore and how do you get it?
Cold sore is a small and painful blisters filled with fluid. These sores appear on the lips, mouth and nose and are caused by a virus. These sores can be painful and it can usually last for a few days. The sad truth about cold sore virus is it that they can never be completely eliminated in the system, so its important to support your immune system to reduce the frequency of breakouts.

How do you get cold sores?
Cold sores are caused by the virus known as herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is a highly contagious virus and can spread from person to person either through kissing or any close contact with the sores. It is most contagious when the sore are in the active blister-like stage. Once it dries up and crusted over, the risk of spreading significantly lessened. However, please be forewarned that even if there is no blister present, you may still get the HSV because the virus can be shed at times through the saliva.

What are the triggers for cold sores to re-appear?
  1. Being run down with fever, colds or flu (this is the reason sometimes people call it as fever blisters)
  2. Exposure to sun's UV rays, wind burn, extreme heat or cold.
  3. Stress
  4. Hormonal changes such as menstruation
  5. Trauma to the skin
What are common coldsore ment and remedies?
Coldsore ments generally consist of
  • Coldsore Creams, Ointments, Balms and Gels
  • Coldsore Patches
  • Coldsore Tablets
  • Lysine Supplements
    • an amino acid which may help lessen the incidence of cold sore. It may likewise assist in the temporary relief of cold sore symptoms such as pain and itching.
Cold sore can be prevented from spreading by washing hands often, especially after touching the face. You must also avoid sharing the cups and any eating utensils of the person infected.

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