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Constipation can range in severity but can is a painful and dangerous if it is not ed as it can lead to many complications. Laxatives are used to help ease constipation and help bring back the natural rhythm of the body so you can get rid of your bodies waste and start feeling less toxic.

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Choose from a wide selection of laxative brands and types to suit your personal needs.

What are laxatives?
Laxatives are substances and preparations that help ease bowel movement. It is usually given to aid those who suffer from constipation in order to assist in preventing long term condition. it is supposed to help without pain in moving.

How do laxatives work?
There are several types of laxatives and depending on which you take the action differs.
  1. Bulking agents are very popular because these are products or foods that add bulk to your stool. It absorbs more fluid in the intestines thereby making your stool bigger. This will lead to an urge to pass the stool. Regularly using bulking agents is considered safe and it even encourages passing more stools.
  2. Stimulant laxatives are product that are mostly used to speed up bowel movement through the intestines. However, in doing this they irritate the lining of the intestines therefore may change the tone and feeling of your large intestines. Using this may also lead to dependency and need to use it each time you will have bowel movement.
  3. Stool softener are surfactants that work in the small and large intestines. These products allows fats and water to penetrate the stool to make it easier to move down to the digestive system. This type is recommended for individuals who experience occasional constipation.
  4. Hydrating agents or also known as osmotics. These are products that make the intestines hydrate or produce more water within by drawing fluids into the intestines from other tissues or blood vessels. This then leads to softening the stool for ease of bowel movement.
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