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Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels?

Sometimes we neglect our feet, after winter, when jandal season is fast approaching sometimes our feet are looking a little worse for wear. Dry cracked heels (also known as xerosis) can not only be embarrassing, but painful. So when summer sandal season is on it's way it is time to prepare your feet so you can have an embarrassment free summer.

What causes cracked heels (xerosis)? When the skin on sole of the foot thickens this can cause calluses and fissuring. Sometimes this is caused by your foot wear, inactive sweat glands, dry skin, obesity, athletes foot, diabetes, thyroid disease, psoriasis, prolonged standing, the dry climate, walking barefoot.

What are some of the symptoms cracked heel symptoms? During the early stages you may notice thicker skin on the soles of your foot, as the problem progresses you might noticed the following:
  • Itchy skin
  • Thicker skin on the soles of the foot
  • Dry, flaky uncomfortable skin
  • Pain while walking
  • Redness of heel
  • Yellow or darkened skin on heel
  • Cracks can begin to grow and progressively worsen
Here are a range of products that may help with dry cracked heels.Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

Page updated 23/02/19 4:03:52 a.m.
Page updated 23/02/19 4:03:52 a.m.