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"The eyebrows main function is to prevent sweat, water and other debris from getting into the eye socket. Eyebrows are also used to communicate and convey facial expressions. People normally modify their eyebrows by adding hair, removing hair such as in waxing, threading or plucking or using makeup to shape the eyebrow into the look they want. In beauty, the eyebrow shape affects the shape of the face, that's why most people modify them to help accentuate their facial features. How do you trim your eyebrows? How do you shape your eyebrows?

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How do you trim your eyebrows?

The trimming of eyebrows is common. When trimming, the first step is to brush the hair up with a comb. The excess hair above the comb can be removed using haircutting scissors, or eyebrow scissors which are smaller and designed for use on eyebrows.

How do you shape your eyebrows?

Shaping the eyebrows helps to shape your face. Most people maintain the shape of their eyebrows by regularly tweeze to pluck stray hairs. Plucking requires extra care because the skin of the eyebrow area is very sensitive. There are products that help to reduce the pain and burning after tweezing.
Page updated 29/01/19 4:16:07 a.m.