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Fake Nails

Want to get gorgeous nails while saving on manicures? Try these fake nails. Having attractive and professional looking nails is just as important as taking care of your appearance and looking your best. Fake nails are trendy and can give you an instantly polished look. Keeping your real nails manicured all the time can require a lot of effort. Thanks to fake nails for saving the women a lot of trouble. They can now enjoy and feel good about their nails while getting superior level of protection. Why Use Fake Nails? . Which Type of Fake Nail is Best For You? .Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

Page updated 23/02/19 4:03:52 a.m.

Why Use Fake Nails?

No more wait to grow long nails - Having fake nails is obviously more convenient than growing the nails long. And more often than not, waiting for the nails to grow long without chipping it off is a lot of hard work.

Save money by having fake nails - Depending on the type of the materials used, fake nails may be a little expensive but investing on fake nails is a wiser idea though as it saves you money in the long run.

Which Type of Fake Nail is Best For You?

Fake nails comes in different types. You may select whichever works for you or you may also ask your nail technician to help you decide the best option for you.

Gel Nails - These feel and look more natural as it resembles your normal nails. Generally, these are more expensive but last longer compared to acrylic and press-and-go. An ultraViolet light is typically required for drying. Gel nails also offers an added level of protection for nails and may last up to three weeks.

Press and Go -These are the most convenient and easiest to apply.  It is easier to remove as well in case you want put another one. It is typically used a fashion accessory and just last for a week.

Acrylic - These have been around for a much longer time. It is made from a mixture of monomer and polymer. It gives a more natural look than press-and-gos, and usually last for about two weeks. Page updated 23/02/19 4:03:52 a.m.