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Urinary incontinence is a common problem among the elderly. However, some younger men and women may also be affected by this condition. It may not be a serious medical concern but can be embarrassing. There is no reason to be embarrassed about buying incontinent products. You can shop online from the privacy of your own home and learn more about our range so you can get the right product for your needs.    

PRIVATE - Buy incontinence products online from the privacy of your own home
EASY - No embarrassing charges on your credit card bill
DISCREET - Discreetly packaged in a courier bag and delivered to your door.
BLUSH FREE - No blushing when you run into someone you know at your local store.
RESEARCH - Learn more about the products you're interested in without prying eyes.

Choose from a wide selection of brands and types to suit your personal needs.

What is urinary incontinence?
It is a medical condition related to loss of bladder control. Depending on the severity of your specific condition, it may range from occasional leaking urine whenever you sneeze or cough to having the urge to urinate immediately even before you reach a toilet or bathroom.

What are the common symptoms of urinary incontinence?
The most common symptom is the leakage of urine whenever a person coughs, laughs or sneeze. There are also times when the bladder muscles become too active such that it  causes a strong urge to urinate.

What are the common ments?
In most cases, a simple pelvic floor exercise such as kegel exercise can add strength to the muscles surrounding the pelvic area  for a more controlled bladder. But mostly, all you need is a reliable incontinent pad in order to prevent leakage and embarrassment.

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