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Personal Lubricants

Lubricant products help support your moisture levels during sexual activity. Colloquially termed as lube, these are used to reduce friction between body parts or between body parts and other objects used for this purpose. It may be used alone or with a partner. It is also ideal to use with condoms to make it more reliable and to add sensation.

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What are the types of personal lubricants?
Lubricants were developed to aid individuals in experiencing more pleasurable sexual experience.  Types of personal lubes can be categorized either by the ingredient it used or by its use.

Type based on Ingredient:
  • Oil-based
    • By its name, you can decipher that this type is made with oil-based products. An example would be the popular petroleum jelly.
  • Silicone-based
    • These products do not contain water and have minimal ingredients, usually fewer than four items. It is not absorbed through the skin or mucus membranes and so may last longer than water-based lubes. Some of these products, unless specified, are not recommended for use with other products, such as sex toys, that are made of the same material silicone.
  • Water-based
    • This is the most widely used because it is made with water-soluble ingredients. And because of this consistency, it can easily dry out and needs re-application during sex to achieve maximum benefit. However because of the addition of agents to achieve even dispersal, moisture retention and to resist contamination, washing it off after sex is necessary to take off residue.
  • Organic or Natural based
    • With the on-going popularization of organic and natural based products, even lubes did not escape the scrutiny of enthusiasts. And so some brands are made with organic or natural ingredients such as aloe vera and other botanicals that claim to be less harmful and contain very little irritants.

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