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MYHD Products

MYHD Hair Products Switch to MYHD Hair Colour Products so that you get salon quality hair at home, at half the cost!

Why MYHD? 100% grey coverage that brings out the natural true colour of your hair. It yields brilliant and vibrant lasting colour results without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. It will not only leave your hair moisturised, it will also protect your hair and scalp because it has been climatologically tested and has an olive oil base!

Why choose MYHD products? By choosing MYHD products, you are choosing what professional hairdressers use because they know that this product provides them with the result that they want. MYHD hair dye comes with a developer with several strengths to ensure the perfect mix for optimal results.

How does the developer work? To colour your hair,  you need a developer so that you can control the intensity of the colour. Depending on the depth of colour you want to achieve you can mix the correct strength of developer with the colour of your choice. e.g. the lightening agents in the developers give the following results: 20 volume lifts the colour by 2 shades, 30 by three shades, 40 by four shades. The no lift developer does not having lightening agents in it, so will not lighten your hair, rather it will give semi permanent results.

What are the MYHD product? This product range include: 36 shades of hair colour to choose from, 3 variants of Developer (20, 30 and 40 Volume strengths), No Lift Developer for Semi-Permanent Hair Colour, Conditioning Activator, Hair Lightener, Support Kits, Colour Accessories, and a Hair Colour Remover.
Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

Page updated 29/01/19 4:16:07 a.m.
Page updated 29/01/19 4:16:07 a.m.