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Optifast VCLD = Optifast Very Low Calorie Diet. We stock Optifast because it does exactly what it says it does, we are happy to receive really positive feedback from our customers who are trying the optifast very low calorie diet to achieve their weight loss goals.  How does it work  .    Optifast Benefits Four Phases of the Diet   .

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How does the Optifast diet it work?

The basic idea is energy in is less then energy out so that you begin to burn stored fat (instead of the energy you get from food). It cuts your calorie intake in the early stages to 800 calories (the average recommendations for an adult is around 2000 calories).  Seek advice from a medical professional before undergoing any weight loss regime.

What are the benefits:

There are four phases of Optifast weight loss

Phase One: Intensive Phase - Eat three Optifast products a day (instead of meals),  2 cups of vegetables and two litres of water

Phase Two: Transition Phase - Eat two opti fast products a day (instead of meals) and have one low calorie meal (up to 350 calories) along with 2 cups of vegetables or fruit or one serve of dairy and two litres of water

Phase Three: Maintenance Phase - During this phase you have just one optifast product and the rests are normal healthy low calorie options. You have it with two cups of low starch veggies, two serves of fruit, one serve of dairy, and two litres of water a day.

Phase Four: Stabilisation Phase - Once you have lost the desired amount of weight you should be at a stage where you no longer require Optifast and your are eating healthy meals that are low in calories. If you wish to continue losing weight it is vital to restrict calories under 1500 per day.


There is also support during this program from the optifast community. You can register and measure your weightloss online along with following videos that help you stay on track.

Page updated 29/01/19 4:16:07 a.m.