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Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

There is no reason to be embarrassed about buying pregnancy tests. You can shop online from the privacy of your own home and learn more about each type of test,  so you can get product you need. Your test will discreetly packaged in a courier bag, and can be discreetly delivered to you at home or at work.


PRIVATE - Buy pregnancy tests online from the privacy of your own home
EASY - No embarrassing charges on your credit card bill
DISCREET - Discreetly packaged in a courier bag and delivered to your door.
BLUSH FREE - No blushing when you run into someone you know at your local store.
RESEARCH - Learn more about the products you're interested in without prying eyes. Choose from a wide selection of brands and types to suit your personal needs.

Want to know if you are pregnant?
Home pregnancy tests are an easy way to learn if you are pregnant. There are two methods of testing for pregnancy:
  • Urine Tests
    • You take a urine sample, normally in a by peeing into a cup and using a test strip or by holding a test stick in your stream of urine. These can be purchased online for home use
  • Blood Test
    • A blood sample is taken by the doctor, nurse or at the lab to test for hormone levels to see if you are pregnant
How does a home pregnancy test work?
It works by detecting the hormone hCG. The test is conducted by using a substance that allows the change of color once it detects the level of hCG that indicates pregnancy. The pregnancy test will reveal a positive result if the hCG level is 5mlU/L or above.

How early can I conduct a self-pregnancy test?
With the advancement of technology, the newer versions of home pregnancy tests can detect very small amounts of hCG such that within sever days past ovulation, pregnancy can be detected. However, with varying degrees of hCG levels produced by woman to woman, it is safest and more accurate to do the testing after missing a period or 14 days past ovulation.

We stock a range of pregnancy tests in our online atalog, click on each product to find the right test for your needs.

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