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Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Semi Permanent Hair Color

Women of all ages are becoming more conscious of the way they look. Modern day women are seeking ways to look better and enhance their natural beauty. And one very simple way to achieve this is by maintaining hair colour or changing hair colour.

What are the types of hair colour?
There are basically two types of hair color: semi permanent and permanent.

Permanent: If what you want to achieve is a drastic hair colour change say from brown to blond, then this perfect.
Semi Permanent: However, if what you want is simply to cover grey hair and enhance your current hair colour, or go darker you are better off with semi-permanent hair colour.

There are several reasons why you may wish to choose semi-permanent hair colour. And here is a quick list of its advantages.

No commitments involved. It's like getting into a relationship that does not require marriage. Since semi-permanent hair dye does not penetrate into the cortex of your hair follicles, it can be washed off after several shampoos. So, if you are not sure about a certain hair colour, then you don't need to live with it for a long time.

70 percent of grey hair will be covered. Isn't this what most of us want, to hide our greys. Grey hair is often associated with ageing and so both men and women are quite alarmed each time they see a few streaks turning grey. The good news about semi-permanent dyes is that it can cover up to 70 percent of grey hair so it will look much darker, closer to your natural hair colour.

It is gentler to your hair. Semi-permanent hair colour products are ammonia and peroxide free. As earlier mentioned, this type of hair dye does not penetrate into the cortex of the hair shaft. This simply translates to hair shaft not being opened up so the cuticle stays intact. And so the hair strands are not being destroyed. Instead, what it does is simply deposit new colour on top of the hair follicles so the natural colour is enhanced adding more luster into the hair.

You don't get two-toned hair colour. What does this mean? When you use permanent hair colour, it penetrates into roots of the hair staying there until you grow your hair. And since our hair naturally grows by one half inch each month, the longer we don't re-apply on the roots, the longer we see the big difference. Comparing it to semi-permanent hair dye it only gets deposited on top of the hair shaft, when your hair grows back you will not see the line between the uned and ed hair.

No worries of making a big mistake. Again, because semi-permanent hair colour does not contain ammonia or peroxide, it does not lighten the hair colour. So you don't have to worry about making a big mistake. By sticking to a hair colour tone that is one to two shades within your natural colour, you are sure to look more beautiful and happier with the results.

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