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Weightloss Shakes, Bars, Supplements and Products

When it comes to shifting weight the fads come and go, but one thing that really seems to work is take into consideration energy in and energy out. The reason we put on weight is because we are consuming more calories from our food then we are burning, so the calories are stored as fat.

Optifast VCLD (Very Low Calorie Diet) - We stock the optifast product for people on the optifast VCLD eating plan in New Zealand - Learn more about Optifast

Reducta - As seen on T.V.  Reducta Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant helps to curb your appetite in an attempt to curb your cravings so you consume less calories. Learn more about Reducta

Watch your step - Pedometers are a great way to figure out just how much exercise you get in one day, be it incidental exercise (walking up stairs, vaccuming, walking to the mail box and back) or planned exercise (sports and the gym) you can get a feel for how many steps you take in one day. Learn more about pedometers

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