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Worming Products

Worming Products

What are the different types of worms and parasites that invade the human body?

Pinworms or Threadworms
The most common types of parasitesinfestation in the human body are called pinworms or threadworms. Approximately 200 million people around the globe are infested with these microscopic organisms that mostly invade children ages two to ten years old. All it takes is for the child to put a dirty hand or finger in his mouth and viola, the pinworm is transferred to his system.

Another very common type of parasitic worm that infest the human body is roundworms. Over a billion individuals are infected and mostly reside in the intestines.

Tapeworms are only contracted by eating raw meats. So it is not as common as the other two listed above.

These can be contracted by not wearing shoes because these live in the soil. The ones who are mostly affected are children and adults living in more rural areas of under developed countries.

What are the effects of hosting worms in the body?
There are many reasons why parasitic worms should not be welcomed in the human body. Aside from sucking most of the nutrients we eat, they also grow bigger and eventually invade the whole GI tract causing a multitude of health issues; such as: allergies, anemia, diarrhea, itchy anus, constipation, fatigue, gas and stomach bloating, immune dysfunction and nervousness.

How to these worms and flush them out of the system?
The best way to get rid of these nasty parasites and flush them out of your system is to take deworming medications. Two active ingredients are commonly present in these types of preparations. These are albendazole and mebendazole.

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