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  • Provide your body with natural magnesium.
  • Absorb through the skin (instead of an oral supplement)
  • Restore magnesium up to 12 times faster
  • Ultra pure source of magnesium chloride
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Magnesium Oil Ancient Minerals 240ml

  • Magnesium is an important mineral that is part of the everyday function of our skin.
  • An alternative to oral supplementation
  • Spray onto the skin and rub in to absorb magnesium efficiently through the biggest organ in the body
  • Comes from an ultra pure remote source away from man made pollutants.
  • A great alternative for people who are worried about losing magnesium from oral supplements during the digestion process.
How do I use it?
  • Gently rub the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil into your skin in a concentrated form if needed.
  • If you have sensitive skin dilute the solution 1 part water to 1 part magnesium oil.
  • For best results apply after the shower when your pores are open.

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