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Bepanthen Cream 50g (Special price only online)

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Take control of your baby's nappy rash by using Bepanthen Cream. It is safe and effective in treating nappy rash and chaffed nipples of nursing mothers. It can also be useful to keep new tattoos moisturised.
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Bepanthen Cream 50g

Are you tired of your baby's constant crying? Does he wake up intermittently? He may be suffering from nappy rash.

Do you know that if you allow your babies to get exposed to urine and feces for a prolonged period of time, this may lead to nappy rash? When the baby's skin is constantly exposed to wetness and moisture, this breaks down the skin. And knowing how sensitive babies skin are, this makes their skin more vulnerable to friction as well as local irritations.

Rashes, redness on the skin as well as rough feel are all signs that your baby may be experiencing a mild case of nappy rash. But once it becomes itchy that is accompanied with burning sensation, this may be a sign that your baby is suffering from a more serious condition of nappy rash. And we know that when the baby is uncomfortable, it will disturb his sleep.  
This the reason having Bepanthen Cream is ideal to Help keep babies protected from the nasty symptoms of nappy rash. Mothers can only rest when their babies sleep soundly.  

How can Bepanthen Cream Help me?
By using Bepanthen Cream, you can Help your babies minimise their irritations caused by  nappy rash. It may also assist mothers experience less soreness and pain in their nipples as a result of chaffing due to continuous nursing. It may also Help relieve other forms of minor skin irritations such as insect bites, stings, cuts and lesions.

What are in this product?
Almond oil, Panthenol or VItamin B5, Benzalkonium Chloride

How can this product be used?
If you will use it as nappy rash treatment, please apply each time you change diapers.
If you will use it as nipple care treatment, apply after each feeding.
If you will use it as an antiseptic, apply once or twice daily.
Just make sure that you will keep the affected area thoroughly clean and dry prior to aplication.
Are there any Warnings and Precautions?
Tamper evident tube seal.
Do not use if seal is damaged or missing.
Keep away from the sight and reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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