The Benefits of Magnesium Oil Ultra

magnesium ultra

Magnesium Deficiency is common in todays society. Often the foods we eat, and medications we take can strip magnesium from our body. We also use it when we sweat in hot temperatures or exercise.

Magnesium deficiency is widespread despite how essential this mineral is. Having inadequate amount of magnesium in your body is known to affect the appetite, mood, sleep patterns and in some cases it can result to extreme heart disorder.

What is Magnesium Oil Ultra?

Magnesium Oil Ultra is a transdermal magnesium, meaning it can be administered by applying on the skin. It is basically the same as magnesium oil original with the added benefit of opti MSM a type of sulpher that helps the skin absorb magnesium more easily.

How do I use it

You can relax in a bathtub with the flakes, massage it into the skin with magnesium oil and help the body unwind

What are the benefits of Magnesium Oil Ultra?

Topical magnesium works to rapidly restore the magnesium level by going directly to the skin cells without having to go through the intestinal tract like an oral supplement.

Applying magnesium oil unto the skin also helps

Support your skin

  • Lets you relax and unwind in the bath
  • Helps restore magnesium levels 12 times faste than oral supplements
  • Is an ultra pure magnesium from a remote source away from man made pollutants
  • Works like a masseur in a bottle

What are your choices when it comes to magnesium ultra products?

Ancient minerals magnesium oil ultra spray.

Assist your body restore cellular magnesium levels.
Massaging into the skin may assist in relaxation
Assist in soothing and hydrating the skin.
A great way to support magnesium levels is by using Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Ultra with OptiMSM.


Ancient Minerals Ultra Magnesium Flakes

3006143 Perfect for baths and foot soaks
Relax and body and mind
Enriched with optimsm a type of sulphur to aid absorption
Helps restore magnesium levels

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