Bodystance Backpod Has Your Back

We spend hours sitting on our office chairs, back slouched, eyes fixed on the screen, focused on urgent reports. We are so engrossed on this daily routine that we forget how unhealthy it is to our back.

How is your posture?

We only remember when our posture when we are reminded by a feeling of pain on the upper back and the neck. A huge percentage of the population is suffering from this, and most of the people affected don’t really understand the weight of its danger.

Get moving

Thankfully, there are exercises that can support relief from that pain that spreads from your neck to your upper back, shoulders and even head. And there are innovations such as the backpod that helps treat these back pains.

What is backpod?

  • A back stretching device for counteracting the effects of hunching at a desk all day.  
  • It helps free up your upper spine during times of back, neck and chest pain. This device helps you stretch out the upper spine and improve flexibility in stiff hunched backs.

Benefits and features of a backpod.

Made of strong polycarbonate in the inside and a rubber surface. It supports flexibility of the spine and relaxes your back muscles. It also comes with stretch and strengthening exercise manual and massages techniques for sore back and neck.


How do I use the backpod?

  1. To start off you want to introduce some pillows under the neck
  2. Place the device under your body in the middle of shoulder blades
  3. Place your arms behind your head on the pillows so you can relax.
  4. This helps stretch your spine in the opposite direction to how it has been bend forward all day. Hold each position on the back pod for 30 seconds, you can wriggle around to work the back pod over the whole area and assist stretching and help loosen things up. Use for a few minutes each night to relax the spine.


Here’s a comprehensive video of how to use it.

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