How to apply fake tanning mousse video

Summer is here and that means its time to tan. Here is a great video I found on youtube that covers how to avoid streaking and patches when you apply fake tan.

Fake tan is a great choice for those of us with fairer skin or who want to avoid premature skin ageing from sun damage.

garnier-self-tanning-mouseThe trouble with fake tanning can be streaking, patches and orange hands. Good preparation and application can help you get great results every time.

The tan mentioned in the above video can be found here Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Mousse 150ml

 Why fake tan?

  • Avoid sun damage
  • Get a fresh golden flow fast
  • Rock the slimming appearance of a tan
  • No tan lines
  • Use all year round

 Not sure what fake tan to use?

Make sure you pick one that will suit your natural skin colouring. If you are naturally fair, choose a lighter colour, it will still give you a bronze grow but it means you will about looking orange or like you have liver failure. Check out our range of fake tans for any skin tone in our online catalogue.


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