How to Use the Revitive LV Circulation Boosting Machine


revitive booster

There is a new model of Revitive Circulation Booster on the market. Its pink, easy to use and called the Revitive LV. This is a slightly milder version that the green device we previously stocked. It has intensity levels of 1 – 50 so you can adjust the device to suit your comfort levels.

Do you often feel your feet ache after hours of standing up? Do you often see your ankle swell after long hours of sitting? These conditions are actually signs of your circulatory system telling you to stretch your leg muscles.

What causes poor circulation

Poor circulation happens when your muscles do not contract as often as they are supposed to. Our muscles needs to move in order to help our veins pump blood that contain waste like carbon dioxide to the heart and as well as pump oxygenated blood from our heart to our legs.

Keep movingre-uk-prod-rlv-ems

This is why we need to move our leg muscles as often as possible. This is fine for people who exercise a lot and are physically active. But for people who get stuck behind their desk and buried in paperwork, it is quite hard to find time to stretch. Revitive LV is designed exactly for the latter kind of people.

What is the Revitive LV Circulation Booster?

Revitive LV is a drug free, therapy that uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation to keep our leg muscles contracting. This then helps prevent sore ankles and painful lower legs and feet.

Treat your legs

At home, Revitive LV is ideal for busy working moms. When you get a break from keeping the house clean, the kids in order, and fulfilling the demands of work, place your bare feet on the foot pads and just read a book, watch the news or even prepare food!

Use it anywhere anytime

At work, Revitive LV is ideal for corporate people whose eyes are always fixed on computer screens You can preempt stress by placing your feet on the footpad, relax and be comfortable. This would also help you think fast and effectively because there is no discomfort to distract 1000x1000you.

Make it work for you

There are many ideal ways of sneaking this convenient therapy in your daily routine. It would only take 20-30 minutes a day, or you can do it while you work. Now there are no more excuses for you to work those leg muscles!

Here is a great video on how to use this device… at home, at work – whenever it suits you. All you need is 20 – 30 minutes where you will be sitting – reading, watching television or working.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Revitive LV Circulation Booster┬áthen check it out in our online store here.

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