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Gently massage onto the skin to repleanish moisture
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Cetaphil Moist Lotion 500ML

Dry skin is not fun. Keep it rehydrated with Cetaphil Moist Lotion.  Just place desired amount on hand and gently massage on skin. Read label for more information. Use only as instructed.

What does it do?
As with any moisturizing lotion, it Helps the skin in regaining lost moisture but unlike others it does not cause any kind of skin irritation.  Plus its fragrance free and lasts long.

Why keep my skin hydrated?
Everyone knows that water is important to the human body, and it's also needed by the skin. Leaving it dry may cause problems for you.  So use Cetaphil Moist Lotion. With the right combination of ingredients that is needed, it Helps regain your skin's moisture without irritating it.

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