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Cramp Stop Spray 25ml can help stop spasms even before they become worse. Made from all natural ingredients with known properties to help in restoring the normal muscle function even while the spasm is happening.
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Cramp Stop Spray 25ml

When you engage in strenuous activities or participate in active sports, there is no guarantee that you are not going to experience muscle spasm or muscle cramps. Most sports enthusiasts will have to experience muscle cramps at least once in their career, but even ordinary individuals are not excused from this painful experience.

By using Cramp Stop Spray, you are helping your system restore the normal muscle function. Even while you are going through an acute muscle spasm, when you use Cramp Stop Spray it can help to relieve you and the cramping may stop almost instantly.

What are the advantages of Cramp Stop Spray?
  • Stops acute episodes of spasm.
  • Helps in restoring the normal muscle function.
  • Helps prevent muscle cramps from happening if taken just at the onset of a spasm.
  • May also help in limiting the soft tissue damage and residual pain.
What is unique about Cramp Stop Spray?
  • Fast-acting homeopathic anti-cramp preparation.
  • Legal to use in any sports and safe for use by pregnant women.
  • Does not contain any drugs or stimulants.
What is a muscle cramp and what are its characteristics?
Muscle cramps are the involuntary or forcible contraction of the muscle that is not relaxed. It usually warns the person when they are about to happen as the pain is going to be felt.

How do you know if you are experiencing muscle cramps?
  • The pain is severe in most instances.
  • It will make you stop whatever it is that you are doing so you can get relieved from the cramping.
  • It is almost always impossible to use the affected muscle.
  • Sometimes, when you experience severe cramps, your muscles are swollen or sore.
In what situations can you use Cramp Stop Spray?
  1. During/After Sporting Activities
  2. While Pregnant
  3. At Night Time
  4. Everyday
What are the active ingredients?
Arnica - 6C, Mag Phos - 6C, 12C, Cuprum Met - 6C, Nux Vomica - 6C

What is dosage recommendation?
  • ONE Spray under the tongue at onset of symptoms.
  • REPEAT in 30-60 SECONDS time or as needed.
Are there any warnings and precautions?
  1. Keep Cramp-Stop Spray out of reach of children.
  2. Do NOT take Cramp-Stop Spray if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed.
  3. Do NOT exceed the recommended dose.
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