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Get the Medium blond hair you crave with myhd. Can be made into a semi permanent with the no lift developer, or a permanent with a 20, 30 or 40 volume developer.
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MYHD 7 Medium Blonde Hair Colour

Buy MYHD Hair Colour & Combine with a MYHD Developer to make a semi permanent or permanent hair colour that you can apply at home. Each colour developer has a different lightening value, to suit every individual hair colour.

MYHD is exceptionally priced for what you can achieve for a fraction of what it would cost to have a professional hair dresser do the same. You get up to 3 colour applications out of a tube (depending on hair length) which makes great value for money.
  • No Waste - With MYHD you only buy and mix as much as you need for the amount of hair you have. Colour tubes and developers are resealable, leaving unused product ready for regrowth touch ups! All items are sold separately so you can buy exactly what you need.
  • Semi Permanent or Permanent -  MYHD Colours can be used as a permanent or demi permanent by altering the developer to suit your needs.
  • Healthy Hair: The best thing about MYHD products is that they aim to support the health of your hair.

For Semi Permanent Hair Colour Results you will need

   1. The MYHD colour e.g. MYHD 7 Medium Blonde Hair Colour
   2. MYHD No Lift Developer
   3. Reusable application brush/bowl or bottle.

For Permanent Hair Colour Results you will need

   1. The MYHD Colour e.g. MYHD 7 Medium Blonde Hair Colour
   2. MYHD Developer (which is a peroxide)
   3. Chose From The application tools to suit your needs.
"How do I Use This Colour?"
  • Step One: Select the colour. Select the desired MYHD Permanent Colour and the appropriate MYHD Colour Developer.
  • Step Two: Mix and apply colour. Mix 1 part of hair colour to 1.5 parts of colour developer in MYHD tint bowl. Apply colour to dry hair. Starting at the regrowth area apply colour carefully and evenly to hair. Massage colour through the hair wearing protective gloves to ensure even coverage.
  • Step Three: Develop and mix. Once the colour has been applied to the hair, leave for 40 minutes to develop. 
  • Once the desired level of colour development has been reached, rinse the hair for 3 to 5 minutes in warm water until water runs clear. Condition hair as normal.
"Can I colour blond over my dark hair colour?"
You cannot colour a light hair colour over hair that has been coloured dark. You will need to colour remove the dark hair colour (if possible) and re-colour. It is not advised you go light blonde if your hair is black or dark brown. (learn more about colour removal...)

"75% or more of my hair colour is grey, do I still use the same Colour Developer with my selected hair colour?"
If you have 75% or more of grey hair we suggest using a 20 Vol developer with any My Hairdresser hair colour.

"What is a Colour Developer and what does it do?"
My Hairdresser's colour developers are essentially a peroxide. A peroxide is mixed together with a permanent hair colour to lighten the hair to the desired level during the colouring process.
Buy your colour today and check out the other products in our MYHD Range.

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