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Colour Remover corrects colour by safely entering the hair shaft and dissolving the links that hold the artificial permant colour molecules together within the hair shaft.
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MYHD Hair Colour Remover, Remove Colour Without Stripping Hair of Natural Oils.

Do you want to remove permanent hair colour without stripping the natural oils from your hair. In the past removing colour meant stripping all colour away from the hair. Now Hair Colour mistakes, and tired old hair colour are now a thing of the past thanks to MYHD Permanent Hair Colour Remover. The first of its kind, with state of the art technology, Colour Remover works by getting into the hair shaft to break the link that holds colour together inside the hair, allowing the permanent hair colour to just wash out!

"How long does it take?"
It works to remove any permanent hair colour. In only 20 minutes, your hair will be free from that existing colour through a bleach free, dermatologically tested process.

"Will it damage my hair?"
It contains no bleaches or harmful chemicals so does not damage the hair. 

" How does it work?"
The My Hairdresser Permanent Hair Colour Remover works by breaking down the permanent colour molecules in the hair, taking away the ability to stay within the hair shaft.

"Is there enough colour remover in a pack to work on my hair, it is quite long?"

The Colour Remover bottles contain enough product to do a full head of hair, this will cover hair to a persons mid back. The packaging is resealable so if there is some left over you can use it within 6 months.

"How do I use it?"
  • Step One: Mix + apply - Mix equal parts of PART A + PART B in an MYHD Tint bowl + brush set or glass bowl. Apply product quickly and evenly to dry hair. Apply carefully to ensure complete coverage and a successful end result.
  • Step Two: Processing Time - Gently cover hair with plastic cap and wait 20 minutes. Carry out strand test every 5 minutes.
  • Step Three: Rinse - Once processing time is up, rinse hair thoroughly for 3 - 5 minutes and Shampoo twice. As soon as the desired colour removal is achieved, apply a leave in conditioner to hair. Make sure you rinse your hair for up to 5 minutes in warm water and give your hair 2 Shampoos.
*My Hairdresser recommends wrapping the hair in cling wrap while the product is in the hair and waiting 20 to 25 minutes.

"How many times can I use the colour remover?"
You can use the colour remover up to 2 times in the hair in one day.

"How long until I can re colour my hair?"
You can re-colour your hair straight away, if you do re-colour within 24 hours My Hairdresser recommends choosing a hair colour 2 shades lighter. If you wait 24 hours you can re-colour with your selected colour.

"Can I re-colour straight after colour remover?"
Yes you can, we suggest you select a hair colour 2 shades lighter (ie, if you want to be a 5 select a 7). We recommend waiting 24 hours before re-colouring, your normal selected shade can be used in this case.

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