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  • Easy and fast way to monitor blood pressure .
  • Easy to use with one push .
  • Provides systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings
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Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Hem 7121

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Hem 7121 helps to monitor blood pressure using the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. It provides an easy and fast way to get blood pressure measurements by detecting blood's movement through your brachial artery and provides digital reading of systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings on an extra large display panel - a stress-free way of monitoring your blood pressure without hassle and stress.  

  • Easy and fast way to monitor blood pressure measurement
  • Easy to use with one push of the button and it automatically fills the cuff with air
  • Easy to deflate to display results
  • Provides systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings
  • Comes with an automatic cuff inflation and deflation system
  • Helps eliminate the need to predetermine inflation level setting
  • Measures up to three readings and averages the total, for a more accurate measurement
  • Provides a greater choice of arm cuff circumferences for small, medium, large and extra-large
  • With a reliable power supply through included AC adapter or rechargeable battery pack
Specifications: Model: HEM-7121, Display: Digital display, Measurement: Oscillometric method, Measurement range, Pressure: 0 - 299 mmHg, Pulse: 40 - 180 beats/min, Accuracy, Pressure: -/+3 mmHg, Pulse rate: -/+5% of reading, Inflation: Automatic inflation by pump, Deflation: Automatic , rapid deflation, Pressure Detection: Capacitive pressure sensor, Power Supply: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) 1.5V, Battery Life: Approx. 300 measurements, with new alkaline batteries, Operating Temperature / Humidity: +10oC to +40oC, 30% to 85% RH, Storage Temperature / Humidity: -20oC to +60oC, 10% to 95% RH, Weight of main unit: Approx.   117g w/o batteries, Main unit Dimensions: 71 (w) x 41 (h) x 70 (l)mm, Measurable wrist circumference: 13.5 - 21.5 cm, Cuff material: Nylon & polyester, Contents: Main unit, storage case, Instruction Manual, & 2 AAA batteries

Instructions: Begin by wrapping the wrist cuff around the wrist and locked it tightly. It can either be the left or right arm. Your thumb should face upward. The wrist cuff should not cover any protruding part of the wrist bone on the outside of the wrist. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keep yourself relaxed and comfortable. Make sure that the cuff is at the same level as your heart. Relax your wrist and hand. Place your free hand under the elbow where the wrist cuff is placed. Do not bend your wrist or clench your fist. Press the START/STOP button to start the machine. The wrist cuff will start to inflate automatically. Undo the wrist cuff and remove the unit.

Warnings and precautions: Use only as directed. Read this instruction manual prior to use. Always consult your doctor regarding your condition. Self-diagnosis of measurement results and self-treatment are dangerous. Consult your doctor before using the unit if you have severe blood flow problems, or blood disorders. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take measurements after bathing, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising or eating. Avoid inflating the wrist cuff when it is not wrapped around your wrist. Do not wash the wrist cuff or immerse it in water. Remove the batteries if the unit will not be used for three months or more.

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