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The newest addition to the Omron product line, Omron Thermometer Ear TH839S may provide fast and accurate results of body temperature. In just one second, you will know if your child has a fever or not. It's ideal for babies who can't stay still whilst having their temperature taken.
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Omron Thermometer Ear TH839S

  • Provides fast and accurate result.
  • Quick 1 second reading.
  • Uses both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.
  • Comes with an alarm to signal end of reading.
  • Safe to use even on infants.
  • Comfortable and modern design.
  • 9 memory settings
  • Quick 1 second reading
  • Built in beeper for alarm
  • Selectable C and F mode
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
Recommended Usage Before using, you need to attach a new probe cover. Then press the ON button to turn power on. Check display to make sure you are using your preferred reading, whether C or F. When you hear the beep, you can begin getting temperature. Hold the main unit with your thumb on one side, the point finger on the tip while the remaining fingers on the other side. Carefully insert the probe in the ear as far as it goes in the direction of the eardrum. When you hear a repeated sequence of beeps, measurement is done. Press the switch to illuminate the backlit screen for 2 seconds to read the results. Approximately one minute after getting the temperature, the unit will be turned off automatically. Store in proper compartments for longer use.

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