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Help prevent infection by using Savlon Antiseptic Cream. It gently soothes wounds and aids in the natural healing of minor skin disorders.
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Savlon Antiseptic Cream 30g

Getting minor cuts, abrasions as well as other kinds of minor skin irritations can lead to secondary infection if not treated promptly. To prevent this, you need to use a trusted antiseptic to make sure that dirt and germs are cleaned off minor cuts.

Benefits include:
  • Help soothe wounds, cuts and other forms of minor skin disorders.
  • Prevents infection.
  • Aids in the natural healing process.
Features include:
  • Contains effective germ-killing and cleansing agents.
  • Made with smooth moisturising cream base.
  • Allows gentle application onto damaged skin.
By using Savlon Antiseptic Cream it helps to prevent infection. It gently soothes wounds and aids in the natural healing of minor skin disorders. Contains Cetrimide 0.5% w/w & Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.1% w/w.
Savlon Antiseptic Cream is mild, soothing and healing and can be used on Cuts, Scratches, Blisters, Grazes, Windburn, Sunburn, Nappy rash, Insect bites, cracked and Itchy skin.
It can also be used on various skin problems such as: Blisters & sores, Chapped skin, Nappy rash, Spots & blackheads and sunburn

Active Ingredients include:
Savlon Antiseptic Cream contains Chlorhexidine Hydrochloride 1 mg/g, Cetrimide 5 mg/g and preservatives Hydroxybenzoates 1mg/g and phenoxyethanol 4 mg/g

Usage Instruction:
For general use, clean the surrounding skin and apply Savlon directly or on a piece of lint or cotton wool.

Are there any warnings and precautions?
Keep out of eyes and ears. For external use only.

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