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Scar Fx Silicone Scar Sheet ( with Self Adhesive Side) is medically proven in helping reduce the appearance, size, height, thickness, and colour of scars for all skin types and colour.
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Buy Scar FX Silicone Sheet 3.75 cm x 7.5cm 1 Sheet Pack

Are you being haunted by your scars, when it comes to our skin we can sometimes become obsessed looking for ways to improve on its appearance?

Scar FX Silicone Sheet is the most inexpensive and effective way to Help improve on your scars. It is a non-surgical way that works to Help smooth and soften scar tissue. It also neutralizes the colour as well as flatten raised scars. It is ideal to use on parts of the body that contours and bends, like the face and joints.

What are the types of scars that it can Help treat?
Keloid Scars, Hypertrophic Scars, Surgical Scars, Traumatic Scars, Burns.

How can the use of Scar FX Silicone Sheet Help me?
Medical studies have proven that the use of Silicone Sheeting in improving scars is effective. And so by using Scar FX Silicone Sheet, you achieve an 80% success rate. And because of this success rate, it is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide.  
It is made of self adhering, medical silicone grade and one reusable piece of this product can last up to the entire duration of your scar support the body in dealing with treatment. Use it together with Scar Esthetique Cream for best results.

What are in this product?
ScarSil contains liquid silicone (dimethicone crosspolymer and cyclomethicone)
plus other important scar treatment ingredients such as vitamin c, emu oil and squalene.

How do I use this product?
Clean and dry the affected area
Apply the Scar FX Silicone Sheet

Are there any Warnings and Precautions?
Avoid contact with clothing and other textiles as silicone is not water soluble and may result in staining.

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