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Senokot Tablets are a reliable and effective laxative which has been made with natural senna treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose, to give gentle, predictable relief from occasional or non-persistent constipation. Senokot Tablets come readily available in this handy pack of 20, so you can say goodbye to that uncomfortable bloated feeling and say hello to feeling like new.
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Senokot Tablets 100

Senokot tablets are a senna based laxative tablet to Help relieve constipation and adults, eldery and children over 6 years of age.
You will find the Standardized senna equivalent to 7mg per tablet.

How to take it:

Adults: 2-4 tablets at bedtime
Children over 6 years: 1-2 tablets in the morning
(start with the lowest possible dose and increase by halt until a comfortable, formed motion is produced.

Warnings and Precautions
  • For short term Use Only.
  • Do not use with Abdominal Pain or Bowel Obstruction
  • Avoid use during pregnancy.
  • Prolonged excessive use of laxatives may produce: Altered bowel habits, Nausea, Weight loss, Water loss, Electrolyte disturbances, Seek medical advice if no bowel motion after 3 days Reduce or stop the dose
  • Adverse Effects: Colic, Cramps, Mild griping
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