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Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation Minx is a great way to cover blemishes and look perfectly made-up without that heavy makeup feel. It is so light and natural you barley know you are wearing it.
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Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation Minx Package

Do you experience clogged pores and irritated skin using your current brand of foundation? Do you always wish that there is a light foundation that will feel so soft and smooth on your skin, you can actually sleep on it?

We've got to admit it, there are times when we feel so tired from work that we don't always have the energy to completely re-do our makeup of complete a daily beauty regimen.  

Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation Minx can Help you get a beautiful flawless complexion in a flash. It is made with pure micronized minerals to make sure that you have a full coverage without feeling heavy on your face, it also leaves your skin silky soft and smooth with a light reflecting glow.No more worries of clogging up your pores and stressing your skin.  

How can using Thin Lizzy Mineral Minx Help me?
When you use Thin Lizzy Mineral Minx instead of other popular foundation make-up products, you will experience a whole new way of wearing foundation make-up. Unlike the chemical-laden brands that you have been familiar using, Thin Lizzy will give you full coverage yet light on your skin. It is also formulated with SPF20, making it a perfect suncreen product in a make-up so you won't have to use two products on your face. It does not contain chemicals so it is ideal even for sensitive skin.  

What are in this product?
Mica , Bismuth, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sterate, Jojobate Extracts, Titanium Dioxides, Iron Oxides

How can this product be used?
Simply apply on a clean face until you achieve the coverage that you desire.
Are there any Warnings and Precautions?
Keep away from the sight and reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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