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Vicks Vapo Steam 100ml

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Vicks Vapo Steam 100ml

Vicks Vapo Steam 100ml may help to relieve the body from colds and chest Supplements due to minor throat and bronchial irritations. It releases medical vapors through stream to help provide temporary treatment for Supplements and may help you to breathe easier and comfortably.

One of the most commonly used non-medication treatment to help fight colds and Supplements is using steam. Using steam to help fight a cold is one of the countless home remedies that people use, often transferred from one generation to the next. The belief behind the process is that by breathing in the steam we allow the warm vapors to enter our bodies, unblocking the build-up of phlegm and mucus that may often cause Supplements and nasal blockages. With the Supplements loosened, the symptoms brought on by that build up, begin to ease and we start to feel better again.

Try using steam to ease your body's cold and Supplements problems by using Vicks Vapo Steam 100ml.

  • It may help to provide symptomatic relief of colds and chest Supplements .
  • It is made of a special medication that may easily be added to the medication cup or directly to the water.
  • It releases medical vapours in the steam which may help to improve your condition
  • It may help to relieve the symptoms of colds and Supplements .
  • It has strong, longer lasting medicated vapours.
Ingredients: This product contains the following active ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil 27 mg/g Lavender Oil 2 mg/g Peppermint Oil 36mg/g Wintergreen Oil 10mg/g

Directions: Pour inhalant in to vaporiser medication cup. In doing so, all effective volatile active ingredients are released in the vapours. Only the slow release base is left in the medication cup. Empty residue and wipe clean with cotton cloth or paper tissue.

Use 2.5ml (1/2 teaspoon ) for each litre of water. Pour inhalant in to water container. Add water to level required, if necessary. Use fresh medication and water each time vaporizer is operated.

Precautions: Read the instructions carefully before using. This should be used with warm steam and cool mist vaporizers only. Do not use with ultrasonic humidifiers. Store below 30 degrees Celsius. Not to be taken by mouth. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed accidentally, it may act as mild cathartic. If symptoms persists, consult your doctor immediately.

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