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Virasolve Cold Sore Cream 5g

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If cold sore bothers you, use Virasolve Cold Sore Cream. It is a topical cream that contains antiviral and antibacterial properties specific for the treatment of cold sores. It also contains anaesthetic ingredients to give relief for pain and itching associated with cold sore.
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Virasolve Cold Sore Cream 5g Tube

Are you under stress lately? Are you coming down with colds and flu? Or perhaps you are going to have your monthly period? These are just some of the triggers of cold sore. It is also sometimes referred to as fever blister or herpes simplex.

The most common sign that you are getting cold sore is the tingling, burning and itching sensation you will feel around the lip area. Once you start to feel these, you must immediately use an antiviral, antibacterial cold sore cream. Virasolve Cold Sore Cream is one brand that is trusted for treating this condition. It is not only an effective antiviral and antibacterial medication, it also contains anaesthetic ingredients to Help get relief from pain and itching associated with cold sore.

What are the benefits of using this product?
When we use Virasolve Cold Sore Cream, it Helps stop the progression of cold sore to become full blown. It also Helps to provide relief from pain and itching because of its anaesthetic properties.

What are the active ingredients?
5g Net Each gram contains Idoxuridine 5mg Lignocaine Hydrochloride 20mg Benzalkonium Chloride 5mg (contains Chlorocresol 1mg/g as preservative

What is the recommended dosage?
Apply a thin layer on the infected area every hour on day 1.
On subsequent days, reduce dosage to every 4 hours until the cold sore disappears.

Are there any warnings and precautions?
For external use only.
Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Discontinue use if redness or swelling worsens.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Keep away from the reach and sight of children.

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